Easiest DIY NCLEX-RN Application (2024)

Nurses will continue to be in demand in the United States, and taking the NCLEX-RN is an essential step in pursuing a career in nursing. If you are a Filipino nurse planning to take the examination, here are four easy steps to submit your application to the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (RN Pathway #5)

The NYSED provides detailed instructions on how to apply for licensure based on where you graduated. Filipino nurses or any nationality who graduated outside the US or US territories will fall under RN Pathway #5. Let me guide you on how to process your application:

Step 1: Verification of Foreign Professional Licensure/Certification (Form 3F)

  • Select your preferred PRC regional office and complete the transaction by online payment of P 75.00.
    • Payment Options: Debit/Credit Card, GCash, Maya, Landbank Online, Bancnet Online, PRC Cashier
    • The convenience fee ranges from P 8.00 to P20.00
  • Submit the Stateboard Verification Form and Form 3F with a documentary stamp (P 50.00), which you can buy within PRC.
  • Download the form here.
TIPID TIP: NYSED is now accepting electronic verifications of licensure, certification, and examination completion from licensing authorities outside the US. They may send it to DPLSVerif@nysed.gov. 

Step 2: Certification of Foreign Nursing Education (Form 2F)

  • This form must be submitted to your college or university where you graduated in nursing.
  • If you are not in the Philippines, contact your registrar’s office to see if they will honor an authorization letter to process your documents.
  • Confirm if they will send the documents or if you will send them.
  • Download the form here.
TIPID TIP: FedEx has lower sending fees than DHL and UPS. But it may depend on your location, so check all providers first. 

Step 3: Take the Mandated Training for Registered Professional Nurses

  • Before issuing a license, you must complete two mandated training sessions for registered professional nurses. It includes the following:
    • Child Abuse Reporting Coursework
    • Infection Control Coursework
  • There is a list of approved training providers with different rates. I got mine with CEUFast using the NYRequirements website for only $30.00 for both courses. You may access it here.

Step 4: Complete the Online Application for Licensure for Registered Professional Nurse (Form 1F)

  • To begin the licensure application, pay $143 through a debit/credit card with a MasterCard, Visa, or American Express logo. The fee includes the application fee of $70.00 and a three-year registration of $73.00.
  • All details on your form 2F and 3F must match your form 1F. You may access it here.
  • Before you begin, you must have the following documents available and finish it in one sitting:
    • Professional license information
    • Valid passport
    • Nursing diploma
    • Certificate of Infection Control Training
    • Certificate of Child Abuse Identification and Reporting
  • Continuing an application is impossible for Filipino applicants as you must have a Social Security Number.

These are four easy steps in sending an application to the NYSED. I will write a separate article to discuss waiting times and the next steps once you receive your eligibility. Should you have questions, leave a comment below so I can answer them.


  • Check the NYSED website for any new updates regarding application submission.
  • I submitted my form to PRC Morayta. You may ask the guards where Window A is and where to buy the documentary stamps.
  • Processing of forms 2F and 3F would take about 15 business days. But, confirm if it would take longer.
  • If you send documents from college and university, ensure you use their name as the primary sender.

UPDATED: 01/01/2024
This post is based on my experience submitting my application to the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Visit the NYSED website for updated information by clicking here

8 responses to “Easiest DIY NCLEX-RN Application (2024)”

  1. April Joy DumlaoDumlao avatar
    April Joy DumlaoDumlao

    This is so helpful. Thanks

    1. Nurse Brie avatar

      You are welcome, April. I will be uploading a series of articles related to NCLEX, so make sure to check the website.

  2. Mish avatar

    Hi, this is very informative, just a question, my PRC has been expired for 6 years, I already acquired British Nationality and finds it tedious to renew my Philippine License. I have read in some articles that it’s not mandatory requirement of NYSED to have license for eligibility application. Is this true?
    Thank you

    1. Nurse Brie avatar

      Yes, that is correct. New York State does not require nurses to be licensed in the Philippines to apply. But you must still process the Certification of Foreign Nursing Education (Form 2F) or use the Credentials Evaluation Service for New York State under CGFNS.

      That is true. If you do not plan to practice the profession again, let’s leave it there. The PRC also outlined a process wherein you can request a certification or confirmation of professional registration. You may read it here: https://bit.ly/48tFM8O

  3. Lovely avatar

    Hello, what do you mean by this statement? Is there an alternative? Continuing an application is impossible for Filipino applicants as you must have a Social Security Number.

    1. Nurse Brie avatar

      Hi Lovely, let me clarify this one:

      1. SSN is required for you to re-open Form 1F. So kunwari, nag-fillout ka ng Form 1F, tapos sabi mo itutuloy mo na lang sa ibang araw. Para mabalikan mo yung form, kailangan mo ng SSN to open it again. Since SSN is only issued to US citizens or Permanent Residents, then hindi pa siya available sa atin.

      2. There is no alternative to it. That is why I suggest na you need to fill out Form 1F in just one go.

      Hope that clarifies the statement.

      1. Lovely avatar

        Oh okay. Thank you very much for this helpful blog.

        1. Lovely avatar

          Another question, did you opt to send the prc document thru email and did not send the hard copy anymore?

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