We want to help you prepare for the worst and the unexpected. Here are the steps to process an application with Pacific Cross Philippines

a. Complete the application form, which you can download here. Include a copy of a valid government ID and Vaccination Card (if applicable). Here is the list of acceptable valid IDs:

b. Yes, responses in the medical questionnaire part can be supported with medical documents such as, but not limited, to the following documents:

    • Medical Certificate
    • Clinical Abstract
    • Discharge Summary
    • Prescriptions
    • Laboratory Results
    • Photos of medication

c. Send all the requirements through email:

d. You will receive an email to SIGN the application DIGITALLY. Please ensure to review the details in the form are correct.

    • Application Form
    • Medical Questionnaire (if you have declared a medical condition.)
    • Pre-existing Conditions Conform
    • A digital signature must be an image of your signature. If you do not have an image, please have your mobile number ready so the system can send a link to your smartphone to sign the form.

e. Once signed, the application form will be forwarded automatically to the underwriting department. It may take 5 to 7 business days, depending on the completeness of your documents.

f. Once accepted, you will receive the following documents via email:

    • Billing Statement
    • Payment Options
    • Client’s Application for Coverage (with declared medical conditions)

g. You can make payments for your insurance coverage through this portal. Send a screenshot of the payment confirmation for processing.

    • Reference number: A0204290

h. You will receive the e-Policy Kit via email within seven (7) working days. The email will include the following attachments:

    • Welcome Letter
    • Statement of Account/Debit Note
    • Policy Schedule
    • Endorsements
    • Insurance Contract/Healthcare Agreement
    • Digital copy of Pacific Cross Health Card
    • Scanned copy of the official receipt

UPDATED: 13 June 2022