A Pre-Existing Condition (PEC) is a disability or illness that existed before cover. A PEC can be medically determined given its natural history or the manner of developing a disease, which means you may or may not be aware of its presenting symptoms. PECs are also known to you because you have felt its signs and symptoms regardless of whether this prompted you to seek treatment, medication, advice, or diagnosis.

Pacific Cross Philippines’ medical evaluation may result in the following conditions:

  • Subject to a waiting period of 12 months

Upon insurance renewal, the exclusion of a condition/s may be removed by Pacific Cross after satisfactory completing the underwriting requirements and payment of premium.

  • Permanent Exclusion

Pacific Cross will not cover the exclusion of a condition.

The medical insurance coverage will depend on your answer to the medical questionnaire. Declare conditions that had happened in the past whether or not you sought treatment.

You can find the list of PECs by clicking here.

UPDATED: 13 March 2022